Leadscope Overview & Demo:

How to outperform top sales professionals effortlessly

In this 25-minute overview and product demo, Co-founder, Mike Roth will show you how you can reach thousands of prospects across LinkedIn + email, with just a few hours of work each month.

You’ll learn why hundreds of companies are using Leadscope to hyper-personalize their outreach at scale to reach more prospects, save massive amounts of time and book more meetings.

Why You Should Join Our Demo

You'll learn how you can combine your data collection, LinkedIn outreach, email sending and personalized imagery at scale while remaining fully automated. You'll also learn:
  • Automate your LinkedIn + email outreach, while remaining hyper-personalized. Couple cool tricks no one's using.
  • Messaging your ideal clients, with the right message, at the right time.
  • Leveraging image personalization, which our data has shown to increase replies by 312%.
  • Using A/B testing (yes we can even test LinkedIn messages), to optimize your messaging.
  • Consolidating your prospecting stack, for a more integrated and efficient approach.

Your Presenter

Michael Roth
Stephanie Nguyen
  • Michael Roth
  • Stephanie Nguyen
Working with Leadscope has been a dream so far. It’s a great way to add another layer to your prospecting efforts. The A/B testing function is awesome. I love seeing the data of which approach works best.
Sean Kane
Leadscope was able to consolidate 3 software subscriptions into one fully automated solution that provided better results and a massive amount of time savings for our reps.
Laura Hine - VP of Business Development
We've been utilizing Leadscope to power our cross-channel outreach across email and LinkedIn. It allows for highly personalized outreach which makes conversations genuine and response rates significantly higher. I'd highly recommend using it over other options as it is much easier to use and has way more features.
Cole Mayer - Partner, Head of Sales